Shikshan Shulka Samitee Proposal 2018-19

Sr.No. Particulars Link
1. Scanned Copy of Affidavit DOWNLOAD
2. Balance sheet 2016-17 with R&P DOWNLOAD
3. Copy of last years fees structure finalised by SSS for 2016-17 DOWNLOAD
4. Salary Sheets with form-16 DOWNLOAD
5. Information to be submitted in the form of an Affidavit DOWNLOAD
6. Certificate of Approval of PNS for 2016-17 DOWNLOAD
7. Certificate that no refund of fees claims DOWNLOAD
8. Certificate that no refund of fees have been collected from students or parents DOWNLOAD
9. Certificate that all approvals DOWNLOAD
10. Accreditation Certificate DOWNLOAD
12. Copies of service contracts TDS & PF challan DOWNLOAD
13. College Income Other than Fees DOWNLOAD
14. Justification on the calculation of fees for Engineering for 2018-19 DOWNLOAD
15. Certified audited copy of Annual financial report of Trust DOWNLOAD
16. Income tax return by the trust for last three assessment year DOWNLOAD
17. Copy of G.R. Granting permission to College DOWNLOAD
18. Subject wise detailed statement of approved staff with approval letters DOWNLOAD
19. List of Equipments DOWNLOAD
20. Detail list of Infrastructure DOWNLOAD
21. UG Calculation DOWNLOAD